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Thankful for generosity

November 14, 2013
The Town Crier

Dear Editor,

While in Marc's, I asked an employee, Judy, if I could get the half pints of white milk for the price of the chocolate milk. I told her how many I would need and why I wanted it. She would check on it and call me.

A few days later, Steve Hengeli, the Borden Dairymen's sales rep, called me from Cleveland. He said, "Judy told me that you wanted to buy 80 cartons of milk to give to the children on your school bus along with the little boxes of cereal." I told Steve, "Yes, if I could get the milk at a decent price."

Steve told me that he couldn't get the cartons but could get me the plastic bottles that the kids could put the lids back on."

As Steve was saying that I was thinking, "Ooh those are probably about a buck a piece."

Steve continued talking, he said, "I drove school bus for 20 years and I miss it! You won't have to pay for the milk, it will be my donation to the kids on your bus. On Halloween, Steve brought me 100 plastic bottles of milk. What a nice blessing from God this was for me and the kids. We never even met Steve before his call and he did this for us.

When things like this happen I stop, thank and praise God for his blessing of all the good, kind and caring people who are on this earth helping others with their random acts of kindness, no matter what that act of kindness may be.

Bob Halko

Canfield resident



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