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Cardinal Joint Fire District

May 9, 2016
The Town Crier

March 9

Emergency medical call to 64 Winona Ave.

March 10

Emergency medical calls to 6836 Twin Oaks Court, 7300 N. Palmyra Road, and 4161 Boardman-Canfield Road.

Good intent call to 161 Talsman Drive.

Police matter on Boardman-Canfield Road.

March 11

Emergency medical calls to 3711 Indian Run Drive, 72 N. Broad St., and 4837 Messerly Road.

Service call to 76 N. Hillside Drive.

Vehicle crash in front of 4299 Boardman-Canfield Road.

Lock-out at 4585 Boardman-Canfield Road.

March 12

Emergency medical calls to 8448 Tippecanoe Road, on East Main Street, and 525 E. Main St.

Good intent call to 25 Kirk St.

Lock-out at 4173 Westford Place.

March 13

Emergency medical call to 6256 Gibson Road.

Cancelled en route to 3712 Leffingwell Road.

False alarm at 4252 Shields Road.

Police matter at mile marker 36 on state Route 11.

March 14

Emergency medical calls to 3837 Starr Centre Drive, 140 W. Main St., 12 Hunters Woods Blvd., and 6699 Ironwood Blvd.

Gas leak at 100 Cardinal Drive.

March 15

Emergency medical call to 8448 Tippecanoe Road.

Smoke alarm at 241 Montgomery Drive.

Undisclosed call to 61 Talsman Drive.

March 16

Emergency medical calls to 7055 Herbert Road, 40 Chatsworth Lane, 29 Maple St., and 4006 Thats Life Lane.

Gas leak at 8774 Tippecanoe Road.

March 17

Emergency medical calls to 33 Lake Wobegon Drive, 4030 Boardman-Canfield Road, and 4059 Thats Life Lane.

Carbon monoxide alarm at 41 Talsman Drive.

Unauthorized burning at 182 Topaz Circle.

March 18

Emergency medical call to 151 Talsman Drive.

Smoke alarm at 4250 Shields Road.

Building fire at 6009 Applecrest Court, Boardman.

March 19

Emergency medical call to 110 Chapel Lane.

Alarm activation at 7300 N. Palmyra Road.

March 20

Emergency medical call to on state Route 11 northbound, south of the Leffingwell Road bridge.

March 21

Emergency medical calls to 12 Hunters Woods Blvd., and 40 Parkside Circle.

Building fire at 7214 Clayborne Ave., Boardman.

Unauthorized burning at 5070 Canfield Road.

Smoke alarm at 4535 Williamsburg Drive.

Vehicle crash on Boardman-Canfield Road.

March 22

Emergency medical calls to 100 Cardinal Drive, 571 Stoneybrook Lane, 6470 Tippecanoe Road, 6424 St. Andrews Drive, and 7300 N. Palmyra Road.

March 23

Emergency medical calls to 161 Sawmill Run Drive, and 64 Winona Ave.

Vehicle crash in front of 5627 Shields Road.

Smoke alarm at 6754 Langston Run.

Unauthorized burning at 4510 Quaker Court.

Cancelled en route to Tippecanoe Road.

Building fire at 13871 Washingtonville Road.

March 24

Emergency medical call to 7055 Herbert Road.

Smoke alarm at 6160 Whispering Meadows Drive.

Unintentional alarm at 80 Sleepy Hollow Drive.

March 25

Emergency medical calls to 3974 Alvacardo St., 4545 Boardman-Canfield Road, and 4577 S. Raccoon Road.

Lock-outs at 1165 Fox Den Trail, and 4585 Boardman-Canfield Road.

Building fire at 5825 Market St., Boardman.

Vehicle crash on Columbiana-Canfield Road.

March 26

Emergency medical calls to 7055 Herbert Road (two calls).

March 27

Emergency medical calls to 3876 Indian Run Drive, 27 S. Broad St., and 5361 Bay Hill Drive.

Assist physically disabled at 161 Talsman Drive.

Unauthorized burning on South Canfield-Niles Road.

March 28

Emergency medical calls to 620 W. Main St., and 4312 Mellinger Road.

Vehicle crashes in front of 352 N. Broad St., and at the 228.7 mile marker of the Ohio Turnpike.

Carbon monoxide alarm at 3827 Mercedes Place.

March 30

Emergency medical call to 41 Dartmouth Drive.

Smoke alarm at 5961 Whispering Meadows Drive.

Vehicle crash in front of 6741 Leffingwell Road.

March 31

Emergency medical call to 191 Glenview Road.

Power line down on West Main Street.

Cancelled en route to 8086 Columbiana-Canfield Road.



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