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School district weathers the winter with no problems

February 8, 2018
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

So far, Canfield Local Schools won't have any major effects from the winter's late starts, early dismissals, and snow days. The way the state handles lost time and the daily schedule will benefit Canfield students in more ways than one.

Canfield Superintendent Alex Geordan said to date the district had used two full days off, two delayed starts, and one early release.

"We don't like to send kids home early," he said. "We did give parents 24-hour notice about the early dismissal we had."

He said it couldn't have worked out better. The day ended at 12:30 for high school students. At 1:30 p.m. the elementary schools left out and all the district's buses were back at the bus garage at 2:30 p.m.

"That is the time the roads started getting bad," Geordan said.

As for the loss of time, Geordan said the district is still in very good shape. In years past the state only allowed a district to miss five snow days. Anything beyond that would have to be made up.

This year, the state has a new formula that goes by hours. It also allows districts to build-in extra hours to cover any loss due to weather. In Canfield, Geordan said there is scheduled enough time to account for 18 days. That means 18 days, broken down to hours, that the district could use to cancel or start late before it would be required to make any time up.

For Geordan, the built in time is not just valuable for keeping the school year on track, but is valuable for the students as it represents more instructional time.

"Our parents expect us to instruct students," he said, "Our kids need this extra time to be successful."

Goerdan did say in the case of whether or not to cancel or start late, the safety of the district's students is first and foremost.

One other concern during the winter months is the flu. In Canfield schools, that has also not been a big problem.

"We have some cases of flu, but so far it has not been much different than last year," he said. "Our custodians still take the time to clean desks, doorknobs, water fountains and rest rooms on a regular basis. They understand that we try to be proactive."

He said even the school buses get wiped down to prevent the spread of germs.



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