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Mayor gives update on city concern

May 9, 2018
By J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Mayor Richard Duffett reported on a problem area that came up often when he was campaigning last year. He said residents were asking him when something is going to be done about the McDonald's restaurant.

"We learned through corporate there is a new owner from Akron," Duffett said. "Our feeling was to level the present building and build a new one. I confirmed with McDonald's corporate that is going to happen."

On a different matter, Police Chief Chuck Colucci addressed the council on the latest scams going around. He said the usual fake IRS calls are still happening, but the new scam involves craigslist.

Colucci said people selling items on craigslist have been approached with potential buyers overwriting checks. He gave the example of someone selling an item for $200 and the person shows up with a check for $300. They ask the seller to cash the check and give them the overage of $100 back. Unfortunately, the check is a fraud and the seller is not only out the $300 from their bank account, but the item they were selling as well.

Colucci also recommended watching emails and texts that have grammatical errors and misspellings.

"It is often a foreign caller who may be a scammer," he said. "Also, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Council also approved an ordinance setting a $5 permit fee for a bee hive. Resident Kathryn Young was concerned about the bee ordinance that was approved last year. She claimed to have petitions with 50 names on it from people who wanted to see the (2017) ordinance revoked regarding bee-keeping within the city. She asked why the city was approving the fee ordinance as an emergency with one reading. Attorney Mark Fortunato explained the reason for declaring it an emergency was the fact there was a new bee keeper who wanted the permit, but because no fee had been set, no permit could be issued.

"People are coming in for permits and we don't have the fee in place without this ordinance," Fortunato said.

In other business:

Councilman John Morvay reported the Cardinal Joint Fire District did purchase a third ambulance and now has an ambulance at each station.

It was reported that Canfield City has joined Next Door, for mass communications.

Council approved an ordinance to declare some police vehicles and road department equipment as surplus, and an ordinance allowing for the purchase of a new tractor.

Council approved a resolution in support of the Ohio Department of Transportation efforts for the development of state and U.S. bike routes.



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