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Flooding concerns heard from Briarcliff resident

May 23, 2018
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Flooding concerns rose again in the Briarcliff area after the strong downpours that hit the area earlier this month. Resident Mike Zoccali addressed council asking for help.

"So far nothing has been done since 2003," he said.

He wanted to know why nothing has been done after it was talked about several years ago.

He added there are roughly 15 small children in the area where the flooding has been taking place on a constant basis.

"It has not only been a problem for the homeowners, but is now a problem for the children," he said. "I would hate to see something happen to one of them."

Zoccali went on to say the Mother's Day rain storm caused the drains to fill and the street to again flood.

"It is not the way you want to spend a Mother's Day," he told council.

He said the flooding happened again in mid-April and has become the norm for springtime on the street. He said the neighbors in the area are getting older and are relying on younger neighbors to help them save items in the basement during the floods, which they shouldn't have to do.

Zoccali said in the past ten years the problem has become worse. He asked council to look into the matter and help solve the drainage issue.

"I don't know if it is from construction or the addition of artificial turf on the football field taking away drainage, but the problem is there," Zoccali said. "My concern is what is the long term issue. My neighbors and I have been dealing with this for years and years."

He said in the last big rain, some basements received waste water and the sump pumps overflowed into the basements.

Wade Calhoun said he walked the channel in the Briarcliff area and noticed the Briarcliff drain pipe was clogged and was taken care of.

"We cleared it out and it seemed to relieve some of the problem," Calhoun said. "But obviously there is a bigger issue."

Calhoun said he is working with M.S. Consultants to determine a cost estimate for a drainage study. He said it is an issue and the quick fix is just to jet the drain system and keep it flowing while get a study done on where the problems are and how to correct them.

In other business:

Mayor Richard Duffet reported the Mayor's Court revenue for April was $4,160.08 gross and $3,314.08 net after paying into mandated funds.

Calhoun reported the public works employees will be taking "safety 101 training" and three new summer people were hired for mostly lawn mowing.

Council heard a complaint about fallen headstones in the East Cemetery and a mausoleum that is in disrepair. The report also said the city crews removed the wreaths too early.

Council approved appointing Atty. Jonathan Downes as special counsel to assist with the city's Workman's Comp matters.

Approval was given for the city to participate in the purchase contracts for state purchasing of road salt.

Approval was given to have the city cooperate with the Ohio Department of Transportation in the replacement of signage along routes 62, 446, 224 and 46 within the city.



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