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Dog park tops city meeting public comments

January 9, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

A proposed dog park at Greasel Park became a main topic for discussion at the Jan. 2 City Council meeting. A lengthy discussion was held and at least two council members spoke in favor of it.

The issue of a dog park was opened when a Fairview Avenue resident asked Council President John Morvay how such a park would come into being. Morvay replied that the issue would go before the Canfield Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Board. That board would consider the proposal then make a recommendation for or against it to City Council. City Council can then accept or reject the recommendation.

Councilman Chuck Tieche said the parks board has looked into the proposed dog park.

"We were looking at Greasel Park, but there are some wetland issues there," Tieche said.

He added that the original plans were for Fair Park and there have not been any detailed plans presented for Greasel Park so far.

Gary Primavera, the person who proposed the dog park and wants to put up the funding for it, spoke on the matter. He said the proposal was made almost five months ago and originally was planned for Fair Park. Residents from the condo association next to Fair Park attended a city council meeting and expressed they did not want the dog park there. There was also a concern over taking land presently used by youth sports groups.

The park board had visited Greasel Park and looked at the far southern section of the park. That section would fit the proposed park, but there is a drainage issue on that section. To use it would require running a drain system.

Another issue was how the neighboring residents around Greasel Park felt about having it. Primavera said there was bound to be some opposition.

"Yes, you may upset a few residents, but this is being handed to you on a golden platter," he said. "This is a gift."

Morvay said the issue is referred to the park board for their recommendation. Council members Bruce Neff and Christine Oliver both said they were in favor of it.

"I am for this," Neff said.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," Oliver said.

Resident Kathryn Young said with the dog park, perhaps the community gardens could be built as well.

On a different issue, some residents spoke on the Christmas light display on Fairview. Resident Bill Roundbush addressed council commenting on the excessive traffic during December from vehicles enjoying the Christmas light display.

"It has gotten to the point that we need to take a serious approach to this problem," he told council. "I was stopped in traffic for eight to 10 minutes. It is bordering on being a public nuisance."

He said there should be regulations that the traffic keep moving.

Resident Mike Kubitza spoke in favor of the light display. He was among the Fairview residents who voluntarily agreed to be part of the display this year.

"This year I participated in the light show and I think it is a nice program," he said.

He also noted that he never had a problem getting into his drive from the stopped traffic on the street.

In other business:

Council approved the water rates for 2019 that included the 7.75 percent increase.

Council approved the back flow prevention program in the city that requires back flow preventers on businesses and residents that have potential for backflow contamination.



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