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Trustees approve purchase of two new trucks

February 27, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Austintown Township trustees approved motions to purchase and equipment two new trucks for the road department. The trucks will replace an aging fleet and will bring some advanced technology to the township.

The trucks include a 2020 International truck, cab and chassis at a cost of $80,621.80 and a 2020 Freightliner 108SD truck, cab and chassis at a cost of $79,269. The International will be coming from Cerni Motor Sales and the Freightliner from FYDA Freightliner Cincinnati, Inc.

"Both trucks are being purchased from Austintown companies," said Trustee Ken Carano.

Township administrator Mike Dockry said the trucks are being purchased through a Department of Administrative Services program. This Ohio department goes out and seeks bids on vehicles and equipment and townships can simply make the purchase without going out to bid. Austintown is a member of the program.

Also purchased were the equipment packages for each truck. Both trucks will be outfitted with a dump body, central hydraulic system, snow plow, rear hitch pintle plate, snow plow hitch, under tailgate salt spreader and LED (light emitting diode) light system. The cost for each new truck will be $56,970.14 with both purchases coming from The Gledhill Road Machinery Company.

Trustee Jim Davis said Austintown Township has always done well with maintaining its aging fleet, but the new technology is needed. He said the township's older plow trucks have a fixed blade, making it difficult to plow the township's 110 cul-de-sacs. He said the new trucks and equipment are multi-directional and will enable a faster, better jobs on each cul-de-sac.

Both Davis and Carano said the purchase of the new trucks were made possible because voters approved the police levy. It allows the township to replace old trucks and better serve the residents.

On a different issue, Davis spoke on the issue of the Governor's proposed gas tax.

"Our governor believes we are in need of repairing our infrastructure," Davis said. "Can you tell me what the rainy day fund is for?"

He said the governor should release the rainy day fund money back to the townships and let them repair and resurface roads. He added that the proposed gas tax increase would give him money to work with, but would cause a trickle down effect that would hurt Ohio in the long run.

Carano said, "As soon as the governor comes out with a plan for a gas tax, we are paying 22 cents more per gallon...and it hasn't even passed yet."

In other business:

Park Director Todd Shaffer said at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12, the Keep It Local Austintown program will showcase Township Park. The event will be held at the Stacey Pavilion.



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