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Village looks at event bus stop and landlord registration

February 27, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

At the Feb. 19 Poland Village meeting, Celebrate Poland Committee President Cindy Best showed up to gather information for Celebrate Poland. It involved a bus stop and handicapped parking.

"We want to be sure of our bus route this year, before the event," she said.

Poland Village Police Chief Russ Beatty said he would work with Best to ensure everything runs smoothly. He preferred that a bus stop for buses bringing people from the church parking lots should stop on Cortland Street to unload, instead of holding up traffic on Ohio 170.

On the handicapped parking issue, Beatty said having signs up will help guide vehicles to the right area.

A third question from Best involved permission to place a sign on the Village Hall fence to show where things are at for fund raising efforts.

"Our donations are down from last year," Best said. "We are going to be trying hard to raise the funds needed before this year's event."

The sign would have the goal on it and a measurement of where things are at in order to show people how much more is needed.

On the matter of group homes, Solicitor Joseph Macejko said he is currently working on a resolution based on Boardman's landlord registration. He is obtaining a copy of Boardman's and will tweak it to fit the Village.

Last year the Village was looking at controlling group homes, but found they were protected under the law. A few Ohio entities went with a landlord registration requirement that gave local government more power in controlling rental properties.

"Boardman's landlord registration has survived any legal challenges," Macejko said.

He said it would deal with the problem of slum landlords who are finding communities with weak legislation and buying up properties.

Resident Judith Sullivan said she was concerned about a home that just went up for sale in her neighborhood. She wanted to know where the Village is at as far as legislation, fearing another group home could pop up.

"It is a fine line we have to walk on the legislation," Macejko told her.

He said legislation was tabled so he could review it and speak with the Village insurance carrier regarding liability.

One part of the issue that was brought to light was the fact that any legislation passed would not affect the group homes already established in the village. They would be grandfathered.

Mayor Tim Sicafuse said the landlord legislation is the way to go.

"With our landlord legislation, we can have more control," he said. "With a group home ordinance we would not."

In other business:

It was noted the Village has not adopted a motto as yet and consideration is being given to hold a contest.

Councilwoman Martha Morgan said she had conversations about joining the ABC Water and Stormwater District, which could benefit the Village when it came to storm water control. She reported trying to get a meeting with Boardman's Jason Loree, who sits on the ABC District's board of directors.



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