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Township deals with ABC Stormwater District questions

March 6, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Several individuals attended the Feb. 26 Canfield Township meeting to learn more about the ABC Water and Stormwater District.

Resident Frank Shield addressed trustees, asking about the district and how his property taxes are now higher because of the fee assessed for the district.

Township administrator Kieth Rogers explained the district from when it was formed in 2009. He said the district was formed to stop the City of Youngstown from annexing outlaying townships by holding them hostage for water. Austintown, Boardman, and Canfield Township joined together to form the district and prevent any annexation situations. Over the past few years, the district has met, held public meetings and has initiated a stormwater fee that will raise funds to repair and replace failing stormwater sewer lines and catch basins.

Rogers said the fee is assessed on property taxes and the funds raised would stay in the township. He said when there is a joint project where both Boardman and Canfield are affected by a project, the two could combine and work on a joint project. He also mentioned the district can do things the township cannot.

"The ABC Water and Stormwater District can go after Federal grants. The township cannot," he said. "Also, the district can work on private property where the township is not allowed to spend taxpayer dollars on private property."

One other question involved why Austintown had pulled out. Rogers said Austintown never pulled out, they decided not to participate in the fee at this time. They can come in down the road.

While discussing water issues, Trustee Marie Cartwright noted the City of Canfield has informed the township they will have the water turned off at Township Park on March 5. She said the reason is the sanitary sewer portion of the bill was not paid.

"The city is billing us for sanitary, which we are already paying to the county," she said.

She said the water from the city was ran to the restroom facilities at the Township Park on Herbert Road. It was part of a concession made during a law suit involving the Red Gate Farm property. She said more details on the sewer bill needs to be sought.

Cartwright added that zoning is working on a new land use plan that could mean rezoning properties to allow for growth while protecting residents. The plan should be part of the five and ten year plan for the future of the Canfield Township.

In other business:

Trustees tabled requests for donations from the War Veterans Museum for Memorial Day, and from the Fourth of July Committee. Both requests were put on hold until the township approves a budget.

Approval was given to ay warrants and electronic payments totaling $44,235.02, payroll obligations totaling $15,67.84, and purchase orders totaling $89,600.

Trustees approved hiring Attorney Mark Finamore to review the lease purchase documents for the new township truck from Farmer's National Bank at a cost not to exceed $600.



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