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Boardman residents want solutions to flooding

June 19, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Residents from Boardman and Canfield attended last week's meeting of the ABC Storm Water District to get answers about flooding. After conducting some regular business, the board opened the floor for residents to address board members.

Under regular business, the board approved a local match of $31,250 for the acquisition and demolition of a house at 230 Cadillac Drive.

Approval was given for a work authorization request for gernal services with CT Consultants, not to exceed $10,000. CT Consultants was also approved for a study and recommendations for the Cadillac Drive culvert, not to exceed $23,000.

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Photo by J.T. Whitehouse, Town Crier
ABC Storm Water District Board members Mike Dockry from Austintown, Jason Loree from Boardman, Keith Rogers from Canfield, and Administrative Assistant Stephanie Landers from Boardman held a public meeting a week after storms flooded the area.

Approval was given for CT Consultants to install six weather stations (four in Boardman and two in Canfield) to gather data, at a cost not to exceed $12,000. Board member Keith Rogers said the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh wants to be able to connect to the stations.

Also approved was the purchase of three flow meters and a work authorization to monitor the meters.

After the regular business was approved, the board moved to public input and several residents, wo did not give a name, spoke on the flooding issues.

One woman said, "I don't have time to be patient. I am a Navy veteran with six feet of [sewer] water in my basement. Servo Pro wants $1,000 to clean it up."

She said she the EMA (Emergency Management Agency) told her she could take out a loan to fix the problem, but she wants to be certain the money the ABC Storm Water District gets from a fee on the real estate taxes is used for the people.

Board member Jason Loree addressed the lady's situation, which appeared to be a sanitary back up into her basement. He told her the ABC Storm Water District does not have authority over sanitary sewer back up. He did tell those present what may be causing it.

He said in the early days of sanitary sewers, the older homes had the downspouts and basement drains tied to the sanitary. When it rains, the heavy rain water flows into the sanitary sewer which can't handle a major event like the recent downpours. What happens is the sanitary sewer starts backing up into basements.

"People can be fined by the county for illegal connections to the sanitary sewer," Loree said.

He made it clear that the county sanitary engineer had charge over the sanitary sewers, not the ABC Storm Water District. He said sanitary back up needs to be addressed to the county sanitary engineer.

As to what the district can do about the flooding, the first steps Loree pointed out is to do a study. The placement of the weather stations and the flow meters will bring in data to use in coming up with a solution.

"I believe it is fixable," Loree said.

Boardman resident and former township trustee Kathy Miller said the township has collected $900,000 from the storm water district fee and all she sees it being used for is a study. She stated a study had been done years ago.

Loree said a large part of the problem comes from what was required for developments. He said the Boardman Plaza was built with no form of retention. The same applied to the construction of the Southern Park Mall.

"The new GetGo Gas Station was required to have a retention area that could handle a 100-year storm event with a two-year storm event release," Loree said.

That meant a lot of storm water would be retained and released very slow, not have a big impact down stream. All new construction requires it.

All board members agreed that a study needs to be done to determine what move to make to ease the storm water flooding issues. Loree said the study must be done first, then the township can have a better impact on easing the flooding problems.

Boardman received around $900,000 from the fee collection and Canfield got around $300,000. As to the weather stations, Canfield will be paying for the two that are slated for Canfield Township, leaving Boardman to only pay for the four out of its funding.



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