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Boardman schools top recycling effort

July 10, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

One again, Boardman Local Schools have topped the recycling efforts in Mahoning County in the Cash for Cans contest. Glenwood was the overall school winner whose 676 students collected 1,228 pounds of aluminum cans.

Second in the overall category was Damascus at 1,130 pounds and in third place was St. Christine at 833.

A Boardman school also won the Per Capita category as St. Charles collected 446 pounds from its 290 students. In second place was West Boulevard with 513 pounds of cans from its 378 students. Third place went to St. Joseph the Provider at 233 pounds with 173 students.

"Glenwood Junior High School has brought the most in for the last couple of years," said Green Team educator Peg Flynn. "Before that, Damascus Elementary School brought in the most cans. The schools that do well have incentives for the students to bring in cans."

Flynn begins the program each fall by sending out letters to all the schools. Those that choose to participate can do so by having a regular monthly can collection, or just one collection during the school year. At the end, the totals are computed and the schools get paid, by the pound, for their efforts.

"This is free money without selling one candy bar or magazine," Flynn said. "The schools can spend this money any way that they want to. The schools have been receiving $0.45 per pound for the cans brought in. The price depends upon the market."

The per capita winner is the school that brings in the most cans per number of students.

"The Catholic schools usually win this because they don't have a lot of students, and they appreciate the free money," she said.

This year's 16 participating schools collected a total of 5,817 pounds of beverage cans earning $2,616.90.

Flyn said it is a good program to get the students to care about the earth. The alumina ore is found in bauxite. Most of the bauxite is found along the equator. The rain forests are being destroyed to mine the bauxite.

"Each aluminum beverage can is 68 percent recycled aluminum," Flynn said. "I tell the students that they are saving the rain forest thousands of miles away without leaving their home when they recycle those cans."

She said both Glenwood and Damascus have great recycling programs beyond the can contest. Their teachers really care about taking care of the earth. One teacher at Glenwood, Scott Lenhart, even takes some students to Chile every summer to see how the rain forests are being ruined with all of the mining going on.



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