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Township continues to hear storm water concerns

July 17, 2019
J.T. Whitehouse , The Town Crier

Canfield Township trustees continued to hear resident's complaints and concerns about storm water damage at last week's meeting. A handful of residents were on hand to express their concerns.

The first water concern was over a "broken" fire hydrant. Jesse McClain from Fairfax Drive said the fire department broke a hydrant on his street and the pressure went sky high. He said he experienced brown water from his faucets and toilets.

"I never got a boil alert," he told trustees. "Our water bill tripled and I was concerned about the dirt in the line and I called the water department. They told me to file against the fire department."

Trustee Marie Cartwright, who also serves on the Cardinal Joint Fire District Board of Directors, said the fire department was testing hydrants, and this matter was being addressed by legal council. As to the boil alert, she said she is not sure about it and would do some investigation into the matter.

On the storm water issue, two Fairway Drive residents were on hand to speak on their concerns. One woman who did not identify herself asked what the township is going to do about the 500-year storms.

Madeline Clendenis, also from Fairway said she had a serious problem after losing power from a fallen tree that shut off her sump pump.

Theodore Alexander from Pebble Beach Drive said a detention pond put in years ago is not helping with his flooding problem. He said the ponds are needed further up the creek.

"Everything is a mighty mess," he said. "The climate is changing and if we don't act, I am putting my house up for sale. People should not have to worry about this every time it rains hard."

Cartwright said a lot of the homes down-creek were built in a flood plain.

"They should have never been built there," she said. "As trustees, we inherited this problem. We don't want you to be flooded and we are doing everything we can."

Chester Kaschak from South Palmyra Road said he has been attending the ABC meetings. He questioned who was paying for Boardman's flow meters and the weather stations that are being installed.

"At the last meeting, it was all about Boardman," he said.

Canfield Township Administrator Keith Rogers said Boardman's flow meters were paid for through Boardman's storm water tax collection. As to the weather stations, Boardman purchased the four that will be in Boardman Township and Canfield purchased the two scheduled to be placed in Canfield. The weather stations will help the Regional weather service office to monitor severe rain storms. Prior to the new weather stations, there were no local stations operating in the immediate area.

Rogers again told those in attendance that Boardman's ABC storm water tax collections stay in Boardman and Canfield's will stay in Canfield. The two entities could come together on a joint project benefitting both.

On a different matter, the township's proposed bike trail connector to Township Park on Herbert Road was sent to the Army Corp of Engineers for review. The one concern regards the wetlands on the Neff property.

In other business:

Trustees paid warrants totaling $91,205.55 and purchase orders totaling $9,239.32.

Trustees approved a memorandum of understanding with Austintown Township regarding a joint paving program.

Approval was given to request funds from the ABC Water District to make road repairs on Fairway Drive, Pheasant Run and Cedar Park that was damaged do to flood waters.

Approval was given to make repairs to Truck 204 at a cost not to exceed $3,327.14 from Lynn Welding and Equipment.

Trustees approved the replacement of Township Hall air conditioner parts from Efficiency Specialists Inc., at a cost not to exceed $2,667.18.



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